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Maricar Reyes for 2010 FHM’s Sexiest

The Maricar Reyes Pinoyexchange group has decided that we will try to promote a spot for her in the 2010 FHM Sexiest. One supporter made this fan art. I so love it. I can’t and I’m a bit shy of posting this in every thread in PEX. Ever since I’ve started becoming a PEXER 4 years ago, I was never involved in actively campaigning or viral ads in threads. To me, it’s like i’m invading their home/thread. So in support of Maricar Reyes, I’ll just post this in blogs that I own. So vote for her here: FHM Philippines.


Maricar Reyes for FHM’s Sexiest 2010

Our Maricar Reyes group in Pinoyexchange decided that we will actually promote her to win a spot in this years’ FHM’s sexiest. So one poster made this fan art. I love it. Subtle sexiness is the win. So you can vote for her here: FHM Philippines