Web: Critical Thinking for Children

Anti-Pinoy shared this in FB (with their side comments of course but that’s their thing) and I’m putting this here too for my easy reference. It won’t hurt to watch these videos time and again. It can actually empower me as long as I have the sense to practice using it everyday. 🙂 Sometimes we get contented to accept what is because it has always been like that.


Chelsea FC and the Azkals

I don’t know much about football before November 2006 and I don’t pretend I know a lot now. Though I saw a few games back in college, I was never interested. I know some of the famous teams but that is how far my knowledge goes.

In November 2006, the Philippines hosted the qualifying games for the Tiger Cup which is now officially known as AFF Suzuki Cup. The team made a good run and I followed their games in Solar Sports. It was a wonder that they actually featured it. But of course, why wouldn’t they? We were the host country.

Two of the players that caught my attention were Phil Younghusband and his brother James. I saw Phil score some of the goals. There was one goal where he bend it like Beckham and James’s crosses were good. I followed the coverage and I was ecstatic that they actually qualified. When they got to the group stages, the team captain Ali Borromeo got injured. A pundit said that it was a big blow and I guess it was. They managed to nick a point out of Myanmar with a tie nil-nil. The tournament ended and I shamefully did not check what happened to them afterwards. There were no news coming from Pinoyexchange about their progress until this year where they surprised everyone.

Both the Younghusbands were still Chelsea reserves at that time. They were my first introduction to the English Premier League. I visited the website, watched a few games, read articles and forums to get to know the club. The biggest draw for me was Jose Mourinho. my labs (let me dream lol) I have collected wonderful quotations from him during his time at Chelsea. My most favorite which I text-messaged to my friends was “You have to try. If you fail, you fail but you have to try.” He had countless other memorable quotes like “park the bus”, “omelettes and eggs”, etc. You can read more here. http://soccerlens.com/jose-mourinho/ I was always on fangirl mode whenever he was interviewed.

I can safely say that I am a follower of Chelsea FC. I checked their standings, watched their games (if I have the time and the tv hehe). Supporter would be a big word to me because that would mean I go to their match games, buy their products, really watched their games live and all the other stuff supporters do. Some people might say I joined the bandwagon. Perhaps. But it wasn’t the golden peak of the club under Mourinho. I wasn’t there during their back-to-back Premier League titles.

In that 2006-2007 season, they won the double, FA and Carling Cup but they lost the league to Manchester United. I still think it was a good season but most of the spoiled brats out there think it wasn’t. The club or rather Jose Mourinho was under a lot of pressure from internal politics and eventually got replaced. But my heart belongs to Chelsea already. I even downloaded all their Podcast before, sent a letter and they even read it live in one of their episodes. haha. I was so happy. I couldn’t believe my ears. Sadly, I don’t have a copy of it anymore. I can’t find my back-up cd after all those years of moving around.

As for the Azkals, they certainly surprised a lot of people including myself. I didn’t expect that they would make it this far but they did. They got through the semis of the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup and will be playing against Indonesia tomorrow Dec 16 as their “home” game. I hope this will open the doors for football to take hold in this country. It’s going to take a while and a long time but I think the Azkals’ effort in this tournament will boost that. Cheers to them for playing in the football national team. Win or lose, it’s the Azkals we choose. 😀 I hope the livestream I’ll find tomorrow will be better compared when I watched the Myanmar game.

Hindi ikaw ang itinakdang bampira

Sam will learn in this episode that she isn’t the prophesied vampire.

Maricar is so amazing. Yung mata talaga niya ngbibigay ng emotion. Clap! Clap!
The fight scene was bland in my opinion. Maraming masyadong mabagal na scenes.

Yung “question” nga sounded Bisaya. Natawa rin ako.Bakit kaya powerful itong si Imelda? She must be older than Magnus kasi she said once that Magnus was just one of those guys she loved.

Pwede kaya na Sam and Matteo are both fathered by Roman? Magkasame age, same birthday ba sila ni Matteo? Ang sabi lang naman sa propesiya ay meron siyang sign sa skin, then the bleeding problems, lunar eclipse birth. If she is not the “One” but her transformation is the same as Matteo’s like the bleeding eyes etc. then she must be in a way related to him? Pwede kaya? Kasi she almost had the signs of the “itinakdang bampira” except of course the last test which she failed.

I could be wrong though kasi hindi ko naman tiningnan yung history episode ng Imortal.

Matutuloy na kaya ang love angle na ito?

Heritage of Cebu

I became an instant tourist as I was heading to the city hall to get my CEDULA.  I’ve always wanted to visit these places but I never got the time.

I didn’t know exactly where the city hall was so I just guess on where I should drop myself off.  This beautiful church welcomed me on that hot day. I would love to visit the church, explore its grounds but I was on a tight schedule and just took a few photos.

Next to it is the Cathedral Museum of Cebu.  This building goes back to the 19th century.  I was tempted to take a peek but I just have to return on another day. I wonder what this museum has to offer.

A few blocks away is the famous Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.  It’s a 16th century church. It’s amazing that it had survived for this long. There are lots of saints carved into the walls and also in the big wooden doors of the church. As you enter, on your left there’s a collection of paintings of former parish priests, depictions of the relationship of our ancestors and the Spaniards who came. You can also find the Santo Niñ0 store. A small garden with a fountain at its center is located a few steps away. If you want to do some reflection, it is certainly the best place to be. The air is cool and relaxing. A good place to exercise your melancholy thoughts. Daydream for hours on end.

The view from where I sat

I didn’t stay long. I just sat there for five minutes, taking the scenery in. The garden is not really breathtaking. It’s peaceful. I guess that is what you need to have in a place like this.

On the right side of the church were various patron saints and a few devotees uttered their prayers. I’m not Catholic and I felt like an intruder. I shouldn’t be there in the hall where people say their prayers. I just took a photo of the beautiful grotto and immediately left. What I love about old Catholic churches is their beautifully painted ceilings. I wasn’t able to get a closer look but maybe one day.




The Cross of Magellan

I have lived in Cebu for a year twice in the last 5 years but I haven’t seen this famous tourist spot personally, just in postcards. I can’t miss it since it’s right outside the exit of the Basilica and the city hall is just a few meters away. Ferdinand Magellan planted this cross when he arrived here in April 8, 1521. Which reminds me of that infamous local song dedicated to this Portuguese explorer. How his arrival meant the start of Roman Catholic life here in the Philippines.

As I was in front of the city hall, the building has this  huge quote, “Public office is a public trust.” I almost rolled my eyes considering how our government is. But that’s another discussion altogether.

I got what I came for. I’m pleasantly surprise to be a tourist in that very hot day. All of it happened in more or less thirty minutes.  It was disappointingly quick. But I promise to be back and hopefully by then I’ll be bringing a bigger, better camera.



Looking for a new direction

Yesterday wasn’t supposed to be a work day. Unfortunately, Babbleglass changed whatever policy they have of late. When I first started here in July, the HR manager told us that their work schedule is a typical 48-hour work week that is required by law. But…there was still the but then. We were told before that we work from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Mondays are only for “special days”; one if you have an unfinished file on Saturday, two if there are a lot of files to work on. But if there’s none then you don’t need to come.

I missed the new memo. (Clair, it’s October already. Haller)

As a consolation at least I’m not the only one. Most of my batch mates didn’t go to work too. They sent an email but I thought that was for that week only. There was no statement there that Monday work was going to be forever regardless if you have files or not. Or maybe I really just missed the memo.  This is one of the things I don’t like about this company especially in how they disseminate information. They totally suck at it.

Anyway together with my friend, we went to Xlibris to do a walk-in. They have openings for copy editors. While I was waiting to be called, an applicant did some small talk with me. She asked me what a copy writer is. I said I don’t know. My name got called then it went bad from there.

The first question was what position are you applying for. My mind must have wandered somewhere because I answered copy writer. lol. Epic fail. It must be because of the previous conversation stuck to me. (pointing fingers, shame) Then she asked after a few questions later if I know what a copy writer does. Since I was thinking about the copy editor (hey, that was what I’m applying for duh), I answered with the job description of the latter. She kindly informed me about the difference of the two. I felt like I was doused with ice water. I answered as best as I could but I was now distracted. I didn’t get the job of course. I was shortlisted. Whatever that means. They weren’t also looking for copy writers. I just then waited for my friend to finish her exam.


I went to work of course. But there were no files for us. I immediately left the building, had some breakfast with Rhea then we went on our own way. I visited Sacred Heart Hospital’s training center. I received a text last Thursday to confirm for my slot for the psych exam. I wasn’t able to reply immediately because I was at work and I didn’t check my phone during lunch. Naturally, I missed it.

I inquired about the best option that I could take. They told me that if all of them passed the psych exam then the next schedule will be on June next year. Sad isn’t it? A lot of things can happen during that time. If November is for me then it is for me. Someone has to fail though. I guess, if it’s not next month then June it is.

Can I have my confidence back?

I feel like I’m in a middle of a mid-life crisis.

Now, it came to a point where I’m lost not just in career but also in religion.

I feel so indifferent to both.

I know where I would have wanted to excel at. It’s just not so practical right now.

But who cares eh? I should bring about the change. If that is really what I want to do.

I haven’t found my purpose, so to speak. Which sucks because I know time flies so fast

and I felt I haven’t done anything. I felt I left what ever future I envisioned back when I was still 23, in Manila feeling so

hopeful for the future, behind. I lost it somewhere over the years especially the confidence that goes along with it. Now,

I don’t know where to go.

In reality, all I need to do is to grow some balls. Take the future into my hands. Life is hard but it’s harder for some

people. I really have no excuse to be so ungrateful.

I need a purpose. A direction. A place where I can excel at. I guess I just need to stop wandering and to make the move to be

where I want to be.


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Rafa’s Career Golden Slam

Congratulations Rafa. Finally you have completed a Career Golden Slam. Vamos! I wasn’t able to watch your match because I was at work but I did check the Livescores. Happy to see you lift that trophy after doggedly fought for it in the last 3 years. Vamos!

Rafael Nadal’s Career Golden Slam

I am so happy for Rafa. He is absolutely on fire in this tournament. Everyone was looking forward for a Rafa-Federer Final. It would have been the first time they’ll meet in Flushing Meadows. But Novak Djokovic crushed all hopes of those fans. Not me though. All I care was for Rafa to be in the Finals. But credit to Novak, he really did well in this tournament especially during the electric semifinal match between him and Federer.

I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to watch this game. It was originally scheduled on a Sunday but was delayed because of rain. I wasn’t all too happy with that. I would surely miss it because of work which I did. Hmmp. I only got to see the first set this morning but suprise another rain delay kept me from fully enjoying this match. Anyway, I went to work. Good thing is that I can access the US Open website or I would surely go insane. Haha.

When he was at match point, I literally stopped working. I wasn’t able to concentrate. It was a bit of a rally and I had to look over my shoulder a couple of times (managers might be looking) until it said 6-4 and Rafa was pronounced the winner. It would have been nice to see Rafa celebrate his win live.  I’m sure he would immediately lay on the floor as he has always done. I also wanted to jump for joy but no jumping and shouting allowed in the office so I just whispered Vamos and a fist pump to celebrate the moment.

The pictures from the match were awesome. Besides, I know there will be someone who’ll upload a copy somewhere. I only have to wait for it like this Trophy ceremony celebration in Youtube. I’ll settle for this for now. 🙂

There were also quite a few number of articles such as By the numbers: Nadal’s Career Slam, The Modest King, among others.

And of course, the ceremony wouldn’t be without Rafa’s trophy-biting tradition.

Australian Open + French Open + Wimbledon + US Open + Beijing’s Olympic Gold = Career Golden Slam.

Vamos Rafael Nadal.

Double Fault Pova

One word: Frustration.

It was really a painful match to see. She was plagued with 36 unforced errors and 9 double faults. Some of it on crucial moments of the match like on the 2nd set 3-3. Just as I was about to say that her service game had improved, she ruined it with a double fault which eventually gave Caro a 4-3 lead. That was one expensive free point. Oh well…

There are a few positives that I would take from this match. As usual, as much as she can manage it, she doesn’t want the opponent to win the match on her serve. So fiercely Pova. She really fought for it and won the game to make Caro serve it out for her win. Another was that Maria was willing to change things up a bit. She had a good net game. A statistic of 16/18 which is not what you usually see from a Sharapova game. She used whatever she got to get the points instead of just stubbornly slug it out from the baseline. She knew it will only tire her out. But the UE’s and DFs cost her the match really. 😦

That was the end of Maria’s run for the US Open 2010. I wouldn’t want to say that this was a very terrible year for her. You can say that she didn’t even reach QF on Grand Slam events but was able to win and also a finalist on other tournaments. Kinda counts as a terrible year. But I’m just happy she’s back playing coming back from that shoulder injury. She now had finished a full year so I guess they will work on her fitness and serve. Hopefully the shoulder will hold for more years to come.

Till next year. Vamos!