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Philippine Elections 2010

I am proud of my dirty finger. All for Gibo. Good thing that my precinct was a walking distance from our house. I lined up from 8 in the morning till about 1130 am. I was so happy when I finally entered the precinct room. It took me about 3 minutes to vote before I lined up to feed the ballot into the PCOS machine. There was no drama involved. The machine accepted it on the first try.
Here was my vote:

President: Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro Jr.
Vice-President: Eduardo “Edu” Manzano

Bello, Guico, Langit, Lambino, Lapid, Defensor-Santiago, Enrile, Marcos, Palparan, Remulla, Tamano

Partylist: Aangat Tayo

Congressman: Cano, Tan
Mayor: Puentebella, Monico

I didn’t vote councilors. Don’t know any of them.

Now, I am finally a true Filipino because I have exercised my right to vote and I’m proud that as a first time voter, I voted for Mr. Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro. Thank you so much for making me believe in the elections again. Because of my support for you, I registered for this. Regardless of the outcome, I would always try to emulate your positivism and a dream of a united Philippines. I will always remember your words Sir. Thank you.

Fly high. Sulong. 🙂


Gibo’s speech after the endorsement of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Ang misyon natin ngayon ay ang inilathala ng mahal na pastor naten kanina. It’s to make a new Philippines, a progressive Philippines. A Philippines that is looked upon with pride by its citizens and citizens of other countries will look with respect, mutual respect towards all Filipinos. But we cannot get there if we do not start on the road in the right way. That is why I am happy and gratified that the conscious, ang conscious na daan na ipinili ng iyong mapaglingkod at ng kanyang mga kasamahan, siya rin ang ginamit na gabay sa pag desisyon ng ating minamahal na pastor. Ang positivism. Shunning aside of hate and division, Filipinos have an enough of that. And it should start now, not after the election, but in the campaign itself. The campaign is not for electing a person but to place in place an idea, a road-map. And That idea is that the Filipinos must be one. We must act in accordance with what God the Father taught us to do, ‘Love your neighbor’.

We are already an archipelago of 7107 islands, why should we add archipelagos of the soul and archipelagos of relationships. That’s why in our platform, we aim to solve the poverty of the pocket, the poverty of the mind, poverty of the environment and poverty of relationship, which has been damage because of a wrong political culture. And it can only be cured if we believe and walk the path of peace, justice, reconciliation, humility, respecting the dignity of each and every individual. Coz each and every individual is God-given, he or she is precious.

And as pastor has said earlier, our burdens, my burdens have not yet begun, they will begin when I have been elected. And I will need your prayers and your cooperation, prayers of each and every Filipino because the climb uphill will not be an easy one. It will be filled with burdens. It will be filled with potholes but there is no where else to go but for us to move forward as a country, as one, helping each other, lifting each other up. Not trying to put each other down because you help one another lift your country up, it benefits everybody, particularly the future generations. That’s why I’ve said during Pastor’s birthday, he is not merely a spiritual leader, but a leader with intense patriotism and love of country. For you cannot say perhaps that you love God if you do not love your neighbor and you do not love your country. Because your country is God-given. You’re country is unlike any other in the world, different kinds of people, different languages, different races. And we must try to find the good in each other.

God didn’t mix us here by accident but for a purpose and let us walk together to discover that purpose to make this place a paradise on earth and that is the start of our mission. And I will count on each and every one of you to work hand-in-hand with us to start the road, the uphill climb to attain this burden. Once again I reiterate, I am humbled. Let us all pray together everyday that our country be what it is supposed to be.

The transcript starts at 2:09 of the video. I feel that this is where Gibo started to convey his platform and messages to the followers of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Kingdom of Jesus Christ. There are so many wonderful quotes from this speech. Win or lose, I am so proud that I am supporting this man.

The endorsement of the Pastor can be viewed here. I think there is no clearer copy, nevertheless, he has properly explained his choice.
Sulong Gibo.

Goals in Mind

I kinda lost my mojo on goal-setting after I’ve accomplished what I wanted back then. After college graduation, I set my sights on a lot of things. First was to pass the local NLE, then focus on all the other series of exam for a US nursing license. I did all that. I set my goals, studied very hard, and was very positive and determined that I could do it. I’ve passed the exams I needed to take. The problem was I didn’t prepare anything beyond that which resulted into a person that just goes on with the flow now. I tried working in hospitals but I didn’t stay longer than my volunteer or training stint. I have the option to stay despite being on-call and for all the nurses out there you know what that means: less salary and benefits. But that is how a life of a nurse here in the philippines is and eventually after a year or so, you’ll gonna be a staff nurse. I probably didn’t like the set-up so I didn’t fancy working that long. Oh, I’m not going to discuss here the ills of being a nurse in this country. That’s for another topic and debate.

The most obvious reason that I didn’t have the resolve to stick around is that I didn’t have a goal in mind like I used to. Working in a Philippine hospital didn’t appeal good to me because I never fix or ready myself for that kind of work. So there are negative aspects and didn’t have the mindset to continue on. In life, there will always be setbacks. But if you have a goal in mind, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that you have a goal to reach.

I had an insightful conversation with a friend of mine about goals. I wanted to apply at a certain company but I was putting it off for quite some time because I was scared. I failed the first interview. I guess I never really lose well. But if I have dreams, I’m not just going to stop there. I need to plan. Plans need goals that are SMART. Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. My friend told me that “You’re a Gibo supporter right?”. I was taken aback with the pressure of a sorta accusation. I am a Gibo supporter and I should say “Sulong”. Not cower away but face the heat when it’s not going the way I wanted it. Welcome to the pressures of being a Gibo supporter. I actually had to be very careful because my friend easily pointed out my weakness. I am a Gibo supporter and I should follow what Gibo inspire us all to be.

I got this from Gibo’s airplane ad or at least some part of it and just translated it to English. Given oppurtunity I always share it but it seems I’m the one who’s not truly listening.

“If I want to fly, I need to have initiative, determination, workmanship. If I want to fly, I need to have resolve, direction, a goal in mind.”****

Dare to fail. But fail forwards, not backwards. Now I’m off to make my first planning and goal-setting session after 3 years.

*** Here is the full transcript of that ad: “ang pag lipad ng isang bansa ay hindi nakukuha sa panaginip at pangarap lang;
dapat may initiatibo, pagpupursige; dapat may paggawa at pag kakaisa. ang gustong lumipad kelangan may lakas – alam kung san pupunta – may sariling direksyon at di nagpapadala sa ihip ng hangin – dapat may galing at talino.
matagal na nating gustong lumipad – ready for take off na tayo. ito si gibo teodoro, dating sec of national defense, dating congressman; subok na piloto. forever filipino. handang lumipad kasama nyo – tara!”

Jejemon Overkill

When I first saw this picture, I asked, What is Jejemon? I can’t describe it exactly but it’s one way of writing. I have seen this text speak for quite some time, mostly in friendster and it irritates the hell out of me. Some people think that it’s cool but they are just deluding themselves. Everyone should strive to achieve good grammar, spelling. It may not be perfect sometimes but we should always strive to offer the best.

Before, I’m really annoyed that people text or post this way. Over the years, I’ve learned to just laugh it off but can still have that occasional eyebrow-raising instances. I so agree with Gibo Teodoro and laughed at loud when I realized what a jejemon is.

This is one example of a suicide note of a jejemon. I find it very funny indeed and frustrating at the same time coz it’s quite difficult reading the letter. No more jejemons please.
dONt yAH tHiNk? LOL

Dapat Gibo!

I really love this AVP. Fantastic editing. Amazing videos and pictures. Great song. Splendid.



Meeting Gibo

I have been following Gibo since September last year and he was actually my reason why I registered for this election. I never intended to vote and I can’t just believe for the first time I’m getting myself involved in political matters, albeit, in a small way. When Gibo’s campaign trail hit Negros, I was so ecstatic to join. I have been dying to meet him since I failed to attend the Takbo Para Kay Gibo in Global city even though I registered for that fun run.

April 8, 2010 started well. Armed with my Green shirt and Lineage II cap, I went to the Volunteer Center near Robinsons. I didn’t know anyone from there since that was my second visit. The first one was when I registered to become a volunteer. Everyone was busy preparing for his arrival. I was able to talk to Mam Bernadeth and she gave me a pen to write on the freedom wall. There was no more adequate space but I tried my best to squeeze my message. I also helped out in preparing for the posters, answering some inquiries about the motorcade, gave a few ballers and meet people who will be riding the coaster to the Old Silay airport.

There were approximately 100+ cars lined up inside and outside the airport. My companions found another group and decided that we stick together for the motorcade. We did not have a vehicle so we rode on any car that was available. So there were now six of us on the back of a small multi-cab. Gibo was supposed to arrive at 4pm but was delayed for about an hour. We do not know the reason but it’s not important anymore coz our worries went out the window when the chopper landed. OMG. You don’t know how excited we all become. We started preparing ourselves, our flags, the ballers, leaflets and fliers. We instantly transformed into Gibo crier mode for the rest of the journey. We shouted more strongly on traffic stops or when there are a lot of people. When some people say Noynoy or Villar, we screamed at the top of our lungs GIBO. It was really fun. Since the small multi-cab can only accommodate 4 people to stand at the back, we took turns. We waved our green flags while shouting Gibo and we did not care. The materials especially the ballers were limited and it was sad to see that we had to turn down a lot of people or tell them to ask from the following cars. We actually got separated from Gibo, switched to a bigger truck and resumed the trail in SM Bacolod till we arrived at the Sugarland Hotel.

Now this is the part where I shed any form of shyness I had in my body. When I was in the Hotel lobby, I saw Rey Langit and Edu Manzano and there were also people who want to have their photographs taken with them. After a few minutes, I saw Gibo coming out of some hallway and not everyone noticed. I immediately thought to actually meet him right there but too shy to move my feet and in a split second he was surrounded by a lot of prominent people. Then they walked over to the hotel dinner room. I scolded myself that if I do not do something now I’ll never be given another chance to shake his hand. I slapped myself with some confidence, walked near the stage and didn’t care that I was rubbing elbows with don and donyas of Negros. I patiently waited for my chance and there he was coming towards me. I extended my hand and said Hello sir. Gibo said Hello while looking at me straight in the eyes. He didn’t disappoint me at all.

You see, I get annoyed with people when I’m shaking their hands and they’re not looking at me. It’s funny sometimes to see people looking at their hands or elsewhere. I always appreciate people who do eye-to-eye contact during handshakes. I see it as a sign of sincerity and good manners. For all the good and bad of Gibo, I’m glad that he didn’t let me down on this one.

After Edu and Gibo made their speeches, he hastily wanted to go the people who were waiting at the Plaza for the proclamation rally. I also got the chance to meet his wife, Maam Nikki. Have no pictures tho. :(After I greeted her, she smiled and unexpectedly, she put her arm on my waist and rub my back. Now, I was like *thud*. She’s amazing. I’ve always loved her style. It’s simple, casual but she still looks effortlessly gorgeous. So imagine how I felt after that surprising gesture. Another *thud*. ^_^. But I was a bit embarrassed really because my back was a little damp from the motorcade.

I rewarded myself with a good Monster Coke Float from Mcdo before I went to the public plaza. There were quite a lot of people there, some were supporters of Mr. Monico Puentebella and Congressman Tan. I listened to Gibo talked about his programs and platforms in Hiligaynon. He spoke it well and much more better than me. Embarassing. Anyway, I hope the people who attended understood him and hopefully will vote for him come May 10, 2010.

Otso-singko tayo sa Mayo.

People remembers good people.

I really love this picture. It’s so touching that someone actually kept his SSS ID back when Gilberto Teodoro Sr. was still the administrator. He was the father of my presidential candidate, Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro Jr.. You see, the son is running for the 15th presidential seat of the Philippines and a lot of rumors hounding him and associating him with our current president Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. To me, it seems silly since Gibo did not receive anything nor is he involved in all of PGMA’s secret or alleged wrongdoing. It is just because they are in the same party, Lakas-Kampi-CMD, and some people branded him as her lapdog. There is nothing that they can throw at him legitimately so they opted to discredit him with these thin accusations.

With this picture, let us all remember that his father was an SSS administrator for the entire 20 years of the Marcos regime (1966-1986) and he did the following:

  • he was the longest to serve as head of the SSS, from January 1966 to February 1986, which was established in 1957
  • since the agency was young when Teodoro was its head, most of the programs he initiated became the blueprint for SSS’ success.
  • Under his leadership, the agency was able to launch the Educational Loan, Calamity Loan, Investment Incentive Loan Program, Small and Medium-scale Industries Program, Study-Now-Pay-Later program and the three-month salary loan program.
  • He also supervised the decentralization process of SSS operations, which speedup processing of loans and benefits, and increased registration of wage earners and employers especially in rural areas. The decentralization move had also allowed members to remit payments through authorized banks.
  • Teodoro first implemented SSS Medical Care (Medicare) program in 1972, which provided cash payments for medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses of members and their beneficiaries.
  • Three years later, he launched the Employees’ Compensation (EC) program, which gave additional funds to members who suffered from work-related illnesses, disabilities and even death.
  • Also under Teodoro’s leadership, the SSS started granting funeral and maternity benefits and survivors and dependents pension in the 1970s. In 1973, SSS coverage was extended to overseas Filipino workers and in 1980 to self-employed persons.
  • Moreover, SSS fund placements in various government banking institutions had yielded high returns, which helped spur economic growth and fund public infrastructure projects.

So be not afraid. PGMA and Gibo are not even blood-related. The true and legit association Gibo have is with his father. Others might say, we can’t assume that he would be like his father but even more so with Noynoy and Ninoy. Gibo has never used his father’s or mother’s accomplishment to boost his candidacy. He, himself, is enough.

Here are some wonderful quotes from Gibo:

Nothing is worth my reputation or my father’s reputation.

I am no one else’s facsimile. I make my own decisions and no one can dictate upon me.

I will not be running for president if I were only to be a puppet, it is not worth my family’s reputation to do so.

I am not the President. I am not Senator X, I am not Senator Y, I am not defense secretary this. I am Gilbert Teodoro, I am myself.

The picture above came also with a this description from a Green Team Volunteer:While we are busy campaigning in Lingayen, Pangasinan, may mga tricycle drivers na pumila para magpalagay ng posters ni G1BO sa mga tricycle nila, we had lost count kung ilan ang pumila at nagpalagay ng posters pero sunod sunod ang mga ito.. Then suddenly, a man across the street approached us and asked for G1BO stickers, binigyan namin at biglang binunot yung wallet niya at pinakita ito.. ^_^

To know more about Gibo, visit his official website or other sites like Green Beret, Barangay Gibo, Green Team.

Sulong Gibo. Sulong Pilipinas.