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Maricar Reyes for 2010 FHM’s Sexiest

The Maricar Reyes Pinoyexchange group has decided that we will try to promote a spot for her in the 2010 FHM Sexiest. One supporter made this fan art. I so love it. I can’t and I’m a bit shy of posting this in every thread in PEX. Ever since I’ve started becoming a PEXER 4 years ago, I was never involved in actively campaigning or viral ads in threads. To me, it’s like i’m invading their home/thread. So in support of Maricar Reyes, I’ll just post this in blogs that I own. So vote for her here: FHM Philippines.


Movie Review: Clash of the Titans (2010)

I went to SM Bacolod this afternoon to watch Alice in Wonderland but sad to say it was already replaced with two new screenings for Clash of the Titans. Since I was already there and wanted to watch a movie by myself, I bought a ticket anyway. I choose the 4:40 screening time at Cinema 1. I didn’t know that they were also showing a 3D version. It was probably shown at Cinema 2 because I saw a long line before they were allowed to go in so that must have been special.

For me, the movie was entertaining with good action sequences and special effects. But I do not feel the enthusiasm of recommending this movie to my friends. It was a so-so movie and I would rate it a 6/10. Itis a loose adaptation of the one shown in 1981. It is a bit inconsistent with the Greek mythology and my gawd, when will I ever learn not to expect something from a remake. It is bound to give slight disappointments.

One is the story of Perseus and Andromeda. She was just indirectly saved by Perseus. Who is Io? That part of the story I didn’t see coming. I didn’t like the meddlesome immortal guardian angel Io who became his sorta sidekick but doesn’t do anything either. Even though I wasn’t able to watch the 1981 film but I am familiar with the Perseus and Andromeda mythology. This lead me to wanna watch the original. I found a link from which has the movie streamed from megavideo. It is actually downloading as I write this. With this remake, I didn’t like how they rewrite the story with shallow character development and dialogue.

But what I love about this film are the actors. They are my faves. Liam Neeson as Zeus, who looked weird at first. And why is Zeus wearing a shiny armor? *shakes head*. Or Perseus with his army buzz cut. fail. Ralph Fiennes did his Hades part well. Liam Cunningham was also there. And Sam Worthington, ♥♥♥ him. The acting was the same with Avatar but I’m not complaining since he’s still eye-candy. ^_^.

My cousin and his wife are going to watch it tomorrow on 3D. But I’m not gonna join them. I don’t want to have a headache. It is still enjoyable though but not something I would watch again.

March 2010 Preview Cover: Maricar Reyes

I’ve been a fan of Maricar Reyes or Mars as she is fondly called by friends for quite some time now. She has exceed expectations and has done well in her shows like Bud Brothers, Your Song’s Gaano Kita Kamahal, Maalaala Mo Kaya segment, and the Philippine version of Lovers in Paris. The article asks, “How Maricar remains media-elusive yet manages to be dubbed the fastest-rising star in 2009 goes against the natural laws of showbiz”. How indeed.

I like the clothes she wore to this shoot. She is styled by Liz Uy. And I love this stylist too. I would never buy this mag if Maricar was not in it. I bought it last Sunday and I immediately grab a copy because it’s the only one left. I am also happy with the interview and emailed Preview about how glad I am about this feature. It described how she is as a person, a doctor, an actor and an athlete. There were no questions about her past ordeal and may it truly continue.

So grab your copy now.