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Fourth. PEX Book Challenge.

Fourth. A Princess of Mars.

Time: May, June
Rating: 5/5
The book where the movie John Carter was based from. Naturally, I had to check what the original novel was and I absolutely loved the book. It took me quite some time to finish it but I enjoyed everything, from beginning to end. I’ve always loved sci-fi and this is going to be one of my favorites. This is the story of John Carter and his journey when he got transported to Mars or Barsoom. He first meet the green Tharks and got engaged in their politics and more so when he meet the princess of Helium, Dejah Thoris. He fought for her, profess his love, got separated, lived happily ever after and some awesome adventures in between. What good is a love story if there is no conflict right? I really liked John’s journey throughout Mars, how he learned of their customs and laws, their irrigation system and agriculture and how they made atmosphere. Yes, Mars in this story is a dying planet and with John’s arrival in Barsoom, it sent a ripple of change in Mars politics and world.  It is also an action-packed novel with air battles, close combat and they even have sort of gladiator arenas.
I really love this book and the movie seems nice too. It deviates a little but what do I expect? It’s a movie. I’m looking forward to read more about John Carter of Mars. I still have 10 more books to read for this series.

PEX 2012 Book Challenge

The Pinoy Exchange Book Challenge for 2012 officially started 3rd week of February. I’m two months late but the book requirement for this year is not high. Just 40 books. I think I can probably make that number since I still have 7 months left. Yes!

I’m taking this challenge because I have a lot of backlog books to read and this would finally motivate me to finish them.  This time I’m not going to be distracted with Facebook. Oi. I will be listing here the books that I’ve read and how I feel about it. I am also to write a review as part of the requirement. Now, I don’t do reviews very well but I’ll do my best.

If you want to join, here’s the mechanics: PEX 2012 Book Challenge.


First Book.

 Title: Canticle – The Cleric Quintet 1
Author: R.A. Salvatore
Time: 4/7/2012
No. of pages: 330+
Rating: 5/5

Canticle is the first part of a five-novel series set around the Snowflake Mountains of the Forgotten Realms universe. It follows the young scholar-cleric Cadderly and his friends in stopping the “Chaos Curse” to be unleashed to the world.

I haven’t read Salvatore’s more famous series, The Legend of Drizzt so I can’t compare the two. From what I’ve read of the first few chapters of that book, it was awesome. And I can’t wait to get my hands on it. As for the Canticle, I enjoyed the story very much. Most characters are very likeable. The plot is not complicated and is very easy to follow. Good triumphs over evil. You get to see the motivation, frustration and plans of the antagonist Aballister and how much he has sacrificed to attain his current powers.  I have a new battle cry now. Me brudder. Love the dwarves Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder. All in all, it is good for a quick and fun read.

When will I ever start to read you?

 I had some thoughts in my mind to go when I took the photo but I got so busy preparing to leave for Manila I didn’t get  to post something. 

Anyway, Hyperion first. Dune chronicles after.

Book: From The Two Rivers (Eye of the World)

I bought this book about 5 years ago in April. I just graduated college and I was reviewing for the board exam. It is a habit of mine that whenever I go to the mall, I’ll visit bookstores and look for good deals. Even though I don’t have any idea about this book, I bought it anyway because it only cost 20 pesos. Very good deal. But I didn’t read it immediately and I just started reading it last week.

The book started slow. I guess this is the reason I didn’t instantly finish the book. After it ended, I noticed that the story was cut off abruptly and lacks a proper ending. Then it hit me that the book I bought was actually Part One of the Eye of the World novel. Yes, I saw the cover but I didn’t give it much thought since Eye of the World was the first novel of the series. All I considered was just to finish the book because I’ve had it for so long and I got to make it significant. Not just buying and discarding it thereafter.

I was wondering the other day while I was at National Bookstore that the Eye of the World paperback edition was thick and the one I bought wasn’t. That amount of pages couldn’t possibly fit the book that I have. It was probably written for young adults by dividing it to parts so that they can be read easily.

I was the edge of my seat when they were chased by Trollocs, Myrddral and were almost overrun by them. Now that really caught my attention. “From the Two Rivers” chronicled their journey out of their country. It reminded me of the Lord of the Rings series, which I really, really love. Adventures, friendship, courage, magic, trust and whole lot more.

The book gave me a peak of the world of the Wheel of Time series. I was a bit disappointed when it ended with Perrin and Egwene meeting the Wolfman. Yeah yeah. I only got the part one. But it definitely gave the series my attention. Now I have to look for the complete edition of the Eye of the World so I can continue reading about the adventures of Rand al’Thor, Egwene, Perrin, Mat, Warder Lan, Mistress Moiraine, the Gleeman and Nynaeve, the Wisdom of Two Rivers.