Malaysia vs Indonesia

Happy Christmas from the Azkals credit

I wish it is the Azkals that will play in this two-legged finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. But alas, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Though I’m not discounting their historic run, there is really a lot to work on. I hope next year we will see something more from them and of course Philippine football in general.

You will not read here heart-wrenching analysis about the game (which will start tonight), the rivalry between the two nations or its history. I honestly don’t know anything much just that it will be an electric first leg in Bukit Jalil Stadium. The young Tigers have some scores to settle with the Garudas. 

I just really want to have an excuse to insert Anggun’s song Snow on the Sahara which is absolutely one of my favorites. I first heard it in highschool and I still love it. And she’s Indonesian.

So I guess this would mean I’m rooting for Indonesia? It will further increase the Azkals stock especially if Indonesia beats Malaysia by more than two goals. It meant the Azkals were the only ones who challenged them. Anyway, whoever wins wins. For livestream, you can check it here.


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