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Sloth days are over

The sad thing about today was I missed my roommate Lotlot’s wedding to Jerkie. I promised that I was going to attend but the opportunity of having another job came knocking at my door about a month after I said yes. Sigh, another missed opportunity to bond with my Avoue batchmates. But I still have 3 roommates who aren’t married yet so hopefully I can finally keep my promise of attending at least one Avoue wedding. 🙂

The day has finally arrived.  I am no longer jobless (thank heavens) and hopefully will stay that way for a long time. Even though I already accepted the job offer almost two months ago, it just started today. Yes, I waited for a long time. First training day ended and I love it when it’s just a 15-minute walk to my house. I walked a part of Escario street from Diamond Suites and Residences to Capitol site. I’m glad there is something that I can do to counter my sedentary lifestyle and it’s economical as well. (Seven pesos is good economics. Oh yes, it is. lol) I fear it’s still going to be a difficult first few months. I don’t know if my money will last till first pay day (Oh gawd but I’ll make do) and I have to think about the training months in Makati too. The sloth days were killing me financially but I’ve discovered courtesy of Jessica Zafra’s blog that bananas can save any dying stomach. Poor financial strategy I should say. The entire 2010 was bad in that aspect. I was struggling with managing my money. Impulsiveness should just die and helping someone should not come at your expense. Save! Save! Save! will be my battle cry. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m hopeful, as we all do, that everything will work out fine in the end. Being positive is how I should greet 2011. In five days, a new year will begin. It’s a start of something new after all and a chance to improve and be better.


Malaysia vs Indonesia

Happy Christmas from the Azkals credit

I wish it is the Azkals that will play in this two-legged finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. But alas, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Though I’m not discounting their historic run, there is really a lot to work on. I hope next year we will see something more from them and of course Philippine football in general.

You will not read here heart-wrenching analysis about the game (which will start tonight), the rivalry between the two nations or its history. I honestly don’t know anything much just that it will be an electric first leg in Bukit Jalil Stadium. The young Tigers have some scores to settle with the Garudas. 

I just really want to have an excuse to insert Anggun’s song Snow on the Sahara which is absolutely one of my favorites. I first heard it in highschool and I still love it. And she’s Indonesian.

So I guess this would mean I’m rooting for Indonesia? It will further increase the Azkals stock especially if Indonesia beats Malaysia by more than two goals. It meant the Azkals were the only ones who challenged them. Anyway, whoever wins wins. For livestream, you can check it here.

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas!

It’s the eve before Christmas and the neighbors are so loud with their killer karaokes.
I just want to greet everyone a Happy Christmas.

Web: Critical Thinking for Children

Anti-Pinoy shared this in FB (with their side comments of course but that’s their thing) and I’m putting this here too for my easy reference. It won’t hurt to watch these videos time and again. It can actually empower me as long as I have the sense to practice using it everyday. 🙂 Sometimes we get contented to accept what is because it has always been like that.

Chelsea FC and the Azkals

I don’t know much about football before November 2006 and I don’t pretend I know a lot now. Though I saw a few games back in college, I was never interested. I know some of the famous teams but that is how far my knowledge goes.

In November 2006, the Philippines hosted the qualifying games for the Tiger Cup which is now officially known as AFF Suzuki Cup. The team made a good run and I followed their games in Solar Sports. It was a wonder that they actually featured it. But of course, why wouldn’t they? We were the host country.

Two of the players that caught my attention were Phil Younghusband and his brother James. I saw Phil score some of the goals. There was one goal where he bend it like Beckham and James’s crosses were good. I followed the coverage and I was ecstatic that they actually qualified. When they got to the group stages, the team captain Ali Borromeo got injured. A pundit said that it was a big blow and I guess it was. They managed to nick a point out of Myanmar with a tie nil-nil. The tournament ended and I shamefully did not check what happened to them afterwards. There were no news coming from Pinoyexchange about their progress until this year where they surprised everyone.

Both the Younghusbands were still Chelsea reserves at that time. They were my first introduction to the English Premier League. I visited the website, watched a few games, read articles and forums to get to know the club. The biggest draw for me was Jose Mourinho. my labs (let me dream lol) I have collected wonderful quotations from him during his time at Chelsea. My most favorite which I text-messaged to my friends was “You have to try. If you fail, you fail but you have to try.” He had countless other memorable quotes like “park the bus”, “omelettes and eggs”, etc. You can read more here. I was always on fangirl mode whenever he was interviewed.

I can safely say that I am a follower of Chelsea FC. I checked their standings, watched their games (if I have the time and the tv hehe). Supporter would be a big word to me because that would mean I go to their match games, buy their products, really watched their games live and all the other stuff supporters do. Some people might say I joined the bandwagon. Perhaps. But it wasn’t the golden peak of the club under Mourinho. I wasn’t there during their back-to-back Premier League titles.

In that 2006-2007 season, they won the double, FA and Carling Cup but they lost the league to Manchester United. I still think it was a good season but most of the spoiled brats out there think it wasn’t. The club or rather Jose Mourinho was under a lot of pressure from internal politics and eventually got replaced. But my heart belongs to Chelsea already. I even downloaded all their Podcast before, sent a letter and they even read it live in one of their episodes. haha. I was so happy. I couldn’t believe my ears. Sadly, I don’t have a copy of it anymore. I can’t find my back-up cd after all those years of moving around.

As for the Azkals, they certainly surprised a lot of people including myself. I didn’t expect that they would make it this far but they did. They got through the semis of the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup and will be playing against Indonesia tomorrow Dec 16 as their “home” game. I hope this will open the doors for football to take hold in this country. It’s going to take a while and a long time but I think the Azkals’ effort in this tournament will boost that. Cheers to them for playing in the football national team. Win or lose, it’s the Azkals we choose. 😀 I hope the livestream I’ll find tomorrow will be better compared when I watched the Myanmar game.

Hindi ikaw ang itinakdang bampira

Sam will learn in this episode that she isn’t the prophesied vampire.

Maricar is so amazing. Yung mata talaga niya ngbibigay ng emotion. Clap! Clap!
The fight scene was bland in my opinion. Maraming masyadong mabagal na scenes.

Yung “question” nga sounded Bisaya. Natawa rin ako.Bakit kaya powerful itong si Imelda? She must be older than Magnus kasi she said once that Magnus was just one of those guys she loved.

Pwede kaya na Sam and Matteo are both fathered by Roman? Magkasame age, same birthday ba sila ni Matteo? Ang sabi lang naman sa propesiya ay meron siyang sign sa skin, then the bleeding problems, lunar eclipse birth. If she is not the “One” but her transformation is the same as Matteo’s like the bleeding eyes etc. then she must be in a way related to him? Pwede kaya? Kasi she almost had the signs of the “itinakdang bampira” except of course the last test which she failed.

I could be wrong though kasi hindi ko naman tiningnan yung history episode ng Imortal.

Matutuloy na kaya ang love angle na ito?