Heritage of Cebu

I became an instant tourist as I was heading to the city hall to get my CEDULA.  I’ve always wanted to visit these places but I never got the time.

I didn’t know exactly where the city hall was so I just guess on where I should drop myself off.  This beautiful church welcomed me on that hot day. I would love to visit the church, explore its grounds but I was on a tight schedule and just took a few photos.

Next to it is the Cathedral Museum of Cebu.  This building goes back to the 19th century.  I was tempted to take a peek but I just have to return on another day. I wonder what this museum has to offer.

A few blocks away is the famous Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.  It’s a 16th century church. It’s amazing that it had survived for this long. There are lots of saints carved into the walls and also in the big wooden doors of the church. As you enter, on your left there’s a collection of paintings of former parish priests, depictions of the relationship of our ancestors and the Spaniards who came. You can also find the Santo Niñ0 store. A small garden with a fountain at its center is located a few steps away. If you want to do some reflection, it is certainly the best place to be. The air is cool and relaxing. A good place to exercise your melancholy thoughts. Daydream for hours on end.

The view from where I sat

I didn’t stay long. I just sat there for five minutes, taking the scenery in. The garden is not really breathtaking. It’s peaceful. I guess that is what you need to have in a place like this.

On the right side of the church were various patron saints and a few devotees uttered their prayers. I’m not Catholic and I felt like an intruder. I shouldn’t be there in the hall where people say their prayers. I just took a photo of the beautiful grotto and immediately left. What I love about old Catholic churches is their beautifully painted ceilings. I wasn’t able to get a closer look but maybe one day.




The Cross of Magellan

I have lived in Cebu for a year twice in the last 5 years but I haven’t seen this famous tourist spot personally, just in postcards. I can’t miss it since it’s right outside the exit of the Basilica and the city hall is just a few meters away. Ferdinand Magellan planted this cross when he arrived here in April 8, 1521. Which reminds me of that infamous local song dedicated to this Portuguese explorer. How his arrival meant the start of Roman Catholic life here in the Philippines.

As I was in front of the city hall, the building has this  huge quote, “Public office is a public trust.” I almost rolled my eyes considering how our government is. But that’s another discussion altogether.

I got what I came for. I’m pleasantly surprise to be a tourist in that very hot day. All of it happened in more or less thirty minutes.  It was disappointingly quick. But I promise to be back and hopefully by then I’ll be bringing a bigger, better camera.




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