Looking for a new direction

Yesterday wasn’t supposed to be a work day. Unfortunately, Babbleglass changed whatever policy they have of late. When I first started here in July, the HR manager told us that their work schedule is a typical 48-hour work week that is required by law. But…there was still the but then. We were told before that we work from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Mondays are only for “special days”; one if you have an unfinished file on Saturday, two if there are a lot of files to work on. But if there’s none then you don’t need to come.

I missed the new memo. (Clair, it’s October already. Haller)

As a consolation at least I’m not the only one. Most of my batch mates didn’t go to work too. They sent an email but I thought that was for that week only. There was no statement there that Monday work was going to be forever regardless if you have files or not. Or maybe I really just missed the memo.  This is one of the things I don’t like about this company especially in how they disseminate information. They totally suck at it.

Anyway together with my friend, we went to Xlibris to do a walk-in. They have openings for copy editors. While I was waiting to be called, an applicant did some small talk with me. She asked me what a copy writer is. I said I don’t know. My name got called then it went bad from there.

The first question was what position are you applying for. My mind must have wandered somewhere because I answered copy writer. lol. Epic fail. It must be because of the previous conversation stuck to me. (pointing fingers, shame) Then she asked after a few questions later if I know what a copy writer does. Since I was thinking about the copy editor (hey, that was what I’m applying for duh), I answered with the job description of the latter. She kindly informed me about the difference of the two. I felt like I was doused with ice water. I answered as best as I could but I was now distracted. I didn’t get the job of course. I was shortlisted. Whatever that means. They weren’t also looking for copy writers. I just then waited for my friend to finish her exam.


I went to work of course. But there were no files for us. I immediately left the building, had some breakfast with Rhea then we went on our own way. I visited Sacred Heart Hospital’s training center. I received a text last Thursday to confirm for my slot for the psych exam. I wasn’t able to reply immediately because I was at work and I didn’t check my phone during lunch. Naturally, I missed it.

I inquired about the best option that I could take. They told me that if all of them passed the psych exam then the next schedule will be on June next year. Sad isn’t it? A lot of things can happen during that time. If November is for me then it is for me. Someone has to fail though. I guess, if it’s not next month then June it is.


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