Can I have my confidence back?

I feel like I’m in a middle of a mid-life crisis.

Now, it came to a point where I’m lost not just in career but also in religion.

I feel so indifferent to both.

I know where I would have wanted to excel at. It’s just not so practical right now.

But who cares eh? I should bring about the change. If that is really what I want to do.

I haven’t found my purpose, so to speak. Which sucks because I know time flies so fast

and I felt I haven’t done anything. I felt I left what ever future I envisioned back when I was still 23, in Manila feeling so

hopeful for the future, behind. I lost it somewhere over the years especially the confidence that goes along with it. Now,

I don’t know where to go.

In reality, all I need to do is to grow some balls. Take the future into my hands. Life is hard but it’s harder for some

people. I really have no excuse to be so ungrateful.

I need a purpose. A direction. A place where I can excel at. I guess I just need to stop wandering and to make the move to be

where I want to be.


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