Rafael Nadal’s Career Golden Slam

I am so happy for Rafa. He is absolutely on fire in this tournament. Everyone was looking forward for a Rafa-Federer Final. It would have been the first time they’ll meet in Flushing Meadows. But Novak Djokovic crushed all hopes of those fans. Not me though. All I care was for Rafa to be in the Finals. But credit to Novak, he really did well in this tournament especially during the electric semifinal match between him and Federer.

I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to watch this game. It was originally scheduled on a Sunday but was delayed because of rain. I wasn’t all too happy with that. I would surely miss it because of work which I did. Hmmp. I only got to see the first set this morning but suprise another rain delay kept me from fully enjoying this match. Anyway, I went to work. Good thing is that I can access the US Open website or I would surely go insane. Haha.

When he was at match point, I literally stopped working. I wasn’t able to concentrate. It was a bit of a rally and I had to look over my shoulder a couple of times (managers might be looking) until it said 6-4 and Rafa was pronounced the winner. It would have been nice to see Rafa celebrate his win live.  I’m sure he would immediately lay on the floor as he has always done. I also wanted to jump for joy but no jumping and shouting allowed in the office so I just whispered Vamos and a fist pump to celebrate the moment.

The pictures from the match were awesome. Besides, I know there will be someone who’ll upload a copy somewhere. I only have to wait for it like this Trophy ceremony celebration in Youtube. I’ll settle for this for now. 🙂

There were also quite a few number of articles such as By the numbers: Nadal’s Career Slam, The Modest King, among others.

And of course, the ceremony wouldn’t be without Rafa’s trophy-biting tradition.

Australian Open + French Open + Wimbledon + US Open + Beijing’s Olympic Gold = Career Golden Slam.

Vamos Rafael Nadal.


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