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Can I have my confidence back?

I feel like I’m in a middle of a mid-life crisis.

Now, it came to a point where I’m lost not just in career but also in religion.

I feel so indifferent to both.

I know where I would have wanted to excel at. It’s just not so practical right now.

But who cares eh? I should bring about the change. If that is really what I want to do.

I haven’t found my purpose, so to speak. Which sucks because I know time flies so fast

and I felt I haven’t done anything. I felt I left what ever future I envisioned back when I was still 23, in Manila feeling so

hopeful for the future, behind. I lost it somewhere over the years especially the confidence that goes along with it. Now,

I don’t know where to go.

In reality, all I need to do is to grow some balls. Take the future into my hands. Life is hard but it’s harder for some

people. I really have no excuse to be so ungrateful.

I need a purpose. A direction. A place where I can excel at. I guess I just need to stop wandering and to make the move to be

where I want to be.



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Rafa’s Career Golden Slam

Congratulations Rafa. Finally you have completed a Career Golden Slam. Vamos! I wasn’t able to watch your match because I was at work but I did check the Livescores. Happy to see you lift that trophy after doggedly fought for it in the last 3 years. Vamos!

Rafael Nadal’s Career Golden Slam

I am so happy for Rafa. He is absolutely on fire in this tournament. Everyone was looking forward for a Rafa-Federer Final. It would have been the first time they’ll meet in Flushing Meadows. But Novak Djokovic crushed all hopes of those fans. Not me though. All I care was for Rafa to be in the Finals. But credit to Novak, he really did well in this tournament especially during the electric semifinal match between him and Federer.

I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to watch this game. It was originally scheduled on a Sunday but was delayed because of rain. I wasn’t all too happy with that. I would surely miss it because of work which I did. Hmmp. I only got to see the first set this morning but suprise another rain delay kept me from fully enjoying this match. Anyway, I went to work. Good thing is that I can access the US Open website or I would surely go insane. Haha.

When he was at match point, I literally stopped working. I wasn’t able to concentrate. It was a bit of a rally and I had to look over my shoulder a couple of times (managers might be looking) until it said 6-4 and Rafa was pronounced the winner. It would have been nice to see Rafa celebrate his win live.  I’m sure he would immediately lay on the floor as he has always done. I also wanted to jump for joy but no jumping and shouting allowed in the office so I just whispered Vamos and a fist pump to celebrate the moment.

The pictures from the match were awesome. Besides, I know there will be someone who’ll upload a copy somewhere. I only have to wait for it like this Trophy ceremony celebration in Youtube. I’ll settle for this for now. 🙂

There were also quite a few number of articles such as By the numbers: Nadal’s Career Slam, The Modest King, among others.

And of course, the ceremony wouldn’t be without Rafa’s trophy-biting tradition.

Australian Open + French Open + Wimbledon + US Open + Beijing’s Olympic Gold = Career Golden Slam.

Vamos Rafael Nadal.

Double Fault Pova

One word: Frustration.

It was really a painful match to see. She was plagued with 36 unforced errors and 9 double faults. Some of it on crucial moments of the match like on the 2nd set 3-3. Just as I was about to say that her service game had improved, she ruined it with a double fault which eventually gave Caro a 4-3 lead. That was one expensive free point. Oh well…

There are a few positives that I would take from this match. As usual, as much as she can manage it, she doesn’t want the opponent to win the match on her serve. So fiercely Pova. She really fought for it and won the game to make Caro serve it out for her win. Another was that Maria was willing to change things up a bit. She had a good net game. A statistic of 16/18 which is not what you usually see from a Sharapova game. She used whatever she got to get the points instead of just stubbornly slug it out from the baseline. She knew it will only tire her out. But the UE’s and DFs cost her the match really. 😦

That was the end of Maria’s run for the US Open 2010. I wouldn’t want to say that this was a very terrible year for her. You can say that she didn’t even reach QF on Grand Slam events but was able to win and also a finalist on other tournaments. Kinda counts as a terrible year. But I’m just happy she’s back playing coming back from that shoulder injury. She now had finished a full year so I guess they will work on her fitness and serve. Hopefully the shoulder will hold for more years to come.

Till next year. Vamos!

Fringe Season 3

I’m so excited for Fringe to start. 21 more days to go. There are a lot of easter eggs in this picture. I did not get all of them without the help of Roco. I know Fringe will get better and better.

Paid to click

I guess a lot of you has heard about the internet craze paid-to-click websites. The trick to this is there are quite a large number of them out there and you will never know if they are legit or not. I have been a member to many of them. Some even ask for a membership fee of about $200 when you reached the required money. I said no way. But out of all of them Neobux is the first one I received money from. I joined last June 25, 2010. fairly a newbie I know. I guess this is good. I mean after two months, who would give $2 out of air. right?

I have heard about Neobux for a long time but I didn’t mind them because they pay less. Or so I thought. At least I am not yet too late. But once you get the hang of this. I mean who would give you X amount of dollars out of air. It isn’t even complicated. If you spend a few hours staring at your computer, how about taking a short visit to the Neobux site?
Sign up under me. Give it about 4 clicks a day. Try it. It doesn’t hurt. You’ll earn money too.