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Maricar Reyes artwork by 24carnation

Another version of the same picture

All made by 24carnation of Maricar Reyes Pinoyexchange thread. I’ve always love her artworks. Fly high Maricar Reyes.


Call center: Aegis People Support

When I talked about about setting goals, I meant finding a job. As of now, I’m not going at the nursing career route but is looking at the call/contact center industry. I’ve heard a lot of things, both amazing and horrendous stories. I’ve meet a lot of people who have been at three companies in the last 3 years. I am a newbie. I didn’t fully understood what they felt about this industry so I kept my mouth shut and would just have to experience it myself.

Last May 1, 2010 I was at a job fair in SM Bacolod and I applied at ClientFirst. They reviewed my resume and since I’m a “newbie” I was not scheduled to take the interview call immediately but waited for 4 days. I was happy that it was so. It gave me time to prepare and totally psych myself out for the “big” day last May 7. I passed and was penciled in for a validation call the following Tuesday. Next thing I know by Thursday evening, I was heading to Cebu to work at Aegis People Support.

This is a good opportunity for me. I intend to do well in this company. Our New Hires Orientation started yesterday and I got a brief glimpse about the company, the competitive salary and benefits and other stuff. And I’m actually going to start my graveyard shirt tonight.Woot.

I hope this will be a good experience for me.

I’m sharing this announcement from ClientFirst Facebook page.

Client First If career growth, competitive pay, excellent training and fun job environment in the fab city of Cebu top your wish list, then join the Aegis PeopleSupport Job Fair in Bacolod on May 24 and 25 @ Client First, 304 Lacson St., Bacolod. The hiring process from interview to contract signing takes only a day. Trabaho agad! Job Fair is open to all graduates, undergraduates (with at least one full year in college), experienced call centers and practically anyone with great English communication skills who are customer-oriented and can adjust to “Twilight” schedules. Please come next week for pre-interview, resume check and orientation. For those who live in Panay and the rest of Negros Island, text 09085344042 to request for a Skype interview or call 7090562 (office hours).We will also entertain walk-ins on May 24 and 25, especially those who have resigned and can join Aegis PeopleSupport A.S.A.P. Job starts May 31, June 4, July 2, July 26 with more to come! Say hello to a great career!

Philippine Elections 2010

I am proud of my dirty finger. All for Gibo. Good thing that my precinct was a walking distance from our house. I lined up from 8 in the morning till about 1130 am. I was so happy when I finally entered the precinct room. It took me about 3 minutes to vote before I lined up to feed the ballot into the PCOS machine. There was no drama involved. The machine accepted it on the first try.
Here was my vote:

President: Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro Jr.
Vice-President: Eduardo “Edu” Manzano

Bello, Guico, Langit, Lambino, Lapid, Defensor-Santiago, Enrile, Marcos, Palparan, Remulla, Tamano

Partylist: Aangat Tayo

Congressman: Cano, Tan
Mayor: Puentebella, Monico

I didn’t vote councilors. Don’t know any of them.

Now, I am finally a true Filipino because I have exercised my right to vote and I’m proud that as a first time voter, I voted for Mr. Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro. Thank you so much for making me believe in the elections again. Because of my support for you, I registered for this. Regardless of the outcome, I would always try to emulate your positivism and a dream of a united Philippines. I will always remember your words Sir. Thank you.

Fly high. Sulong. 🙂

Chelsea FC: Barclay’s Premier League Champions 2009/2010

I’m glad we have cable connection this week. I’m able to watch the final game for the Barclay’s Premier League Championship 2009/2010. I’m a bit nervous about this match. Sometimes things could go wrong in any football match but I know Chelsea has the uber talented squad to win this. It was truly a fantastic game to watch. I enjoyed it a lot.

It was such a relief when Anelka scored early, around 4 minutes, coz it got rid of the jitters. Everyone was able to relax and not afraid anymore of messing it up. I didn’t expect that they would score 7 more and a hat-trick for Drogba, no less. Chelsea started a bit slow. In the first half, Wigan had a higher percentage of possession. Chelsea became serious and dominated the 2nd half. The team scored 6 more goals. What an outstanding, emphatic finish to the league. The team also set a new record of scoring 103 goals, the highest since the 1960’s I guess. Finally, the trophy went back to Stamford Bridge. Cech and Drogba won the Golden Gloves and Golden Boots, respectively.

I was glad to see the owner, Roman Abramovich, smiling and seemingly enjoying the game. It was fun to see his reaction when goals were missed or hit. He even joined in a Chelsea cheer. Carlo Ancelotti, the team coach won a big event in his first year in an English league. He was brought in because of the owner’s alleged desire to win the European championship in style. Chelsea wasn’t successful in that front but I am more than happy that Chelsea won the Premier League instead. Looking forward to the next season. I know that elusive Champions League Cup will come one day. I hope Lampsy, JT, Drogba, Ballack, Carvalho, Mikel, Essien, Cech will win it while playing for Chelsea. They deserve it.

There is still another game to look forward to before this season ends, the FA cup final against Portsmouth on May 15 at the New Wembley. I hope we get a double this time.

So congratulations Chelsea FC. Up the chels.

Gibo’s speech after the endorsement of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Ang misyon natin ngayon ay ang inilathala ng mahal na pastor naten kanina. It’s to make a new Philippines, a progressive Philippines. A Philippines that is looked upon with pride by its citizens and citizens of other countries will look with respect, mutual respect towards all Filipinos. But we cannot get there if we do not start on the road in the right way. That is why I am happy and gratified that the conscious, ang conscious na daan na ipinili ng iyong mapaglingkod at ng kanyang mga kasamahan, siya rin ang ginamit na gabay sa pag desisyon ng ating minamahal na pastor. Ang positivism. Shunning aside of hate and division, Filipinos have an enough of that. And it should start now, not after the election, but in the campaign itself. The campaign is not for electing a person but to place in place an idea, a road-map. And That idea is that the Filipinos must be one. We must act in accordance with what God the Father taught us to do, ‘Love your neighbor’.

We are already an archipelago of 7107 islands, why should we add archipelagos of the soul and archipelagos of relationships. That’s why in our platform, we aim to solve the poverty of the pocket, the poverty of the mind, poverty of the environment and poverty of relationship, which has been damage because of a wrong political culture. And it can only be cured if we believe and walk the path of peace, justice, reconciliation, humility, respecting the dignity of each and every individual. Coz each and every individual is God-given, he or she is precious.

And as pastor has said earlier, our burdens, my burdens have not yet begun, they will begin when I have been elected. And I will need your prayers and your cooperation, prayers of each and every Filipino because the climb uphill will not be an easy one. It will be filled with burdens. It will be filled with potholes but there is no where else to go but for us to move forward as a country, as one, helping each other, lifting each other up. Not trying to put each other down because you help one another lift your country up, it benefits everybody, particularly the future generations. That’s why I’ve said during Pastor’s birthday, he is not merely a spiritual leader, but a leader with intense patriotism and love of country. For you cannot say perhaps that you love God if you do not love your neighbor and you do not love your country. Because your country is God-given. You’re country is unlike any other in the world, different kinds of people, different languages, different races. And we must try to find the good in each other.

God didn’t mix us here by accident but for a purpose and let us walk together to discover that purpose to make this place a paradise on earth and that is the start of our mission. And I will count on each and every one of you to work hand-in-hand with us to start the road, the uphill climb to attain this burden. Once again I reiterate, I am humbled. Let us all pray together everyday that our country be what it is supposed to be.

The transcript starts at 2:09 of the video. I feel that this is where Gibo started to convey his platform and messages to the followers of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Kingdom of Jesus Christ. There are so many wonderful quotes from this speech. Win or lose, I am so proud that I am supporting this man.

The endorsement of the Pastor can be viewed here. I think there is no clearer copy, nevertheless, he has properly explained his choice.
Sulong Gibo.

Earthquake! Earthquake!

The last time I experienced an earthquake was when I was still 8 years old back in Cagayan de Oro city. I was a bit scared when about two hours ago, an earthquake struck Bacolod that lasted about 5 seconds. I felt the table moved and saw the curtains swayed. I immediately thought of where I should hide just in case things got worse. But then it was just short so hiding under the table didn’t happen. My companion, Bading, also recounted her experience while she was walking Marshall, the family’s cute dog. She heard the roof made a sound while the ground shook and she felt that she swayed too. She was confused at some people because they didn’t seem to mind or didn’t felt that there was an earthquake.

Anyway, this is what PHIVOLCS has to say about the incident.

Uploaded with
So that was what intensity 3 felt like. I don’t want to think should I experienced a 6 in the scale. I’ve read from friends that the Ilo-ilo earthquake was a bit longer and more intense. I’m glad that no one was hurt in this incident.
I’ve also submitted my Felt report at the USGC website.