Water as Therapy

2nd Quarter 2010 Lesson 4 Thursday

Read John 9:1-11, the story of Jesus healing the blind man from birth. What is different about this healing miracle in comparison to some of the others? See for instance Matt. 8:8-13; 9:2-7; Luke 8:46, 47. What possible meaning could be found in this difference, if any?

Well, the blind man in the book of John was asked to wash in the pool of Siloam and afterwards he was able to see. His neighbors and the people who knew that he was blind did not believe at first. But the man testified that he was the blind man. The other healing miracles, from the centurion to the woman afflicted with a blood disorder, were not told to wash in a pool or body of water. Their faith is strong that Jesus can heal them and he did so.

How conscientious are you with your health habits in general? That is, how could you be taking better care of yourself now? Why wait until your bad habits make you sick? How much better it would be to start following good health principles now and prevent disease instead of going through the hassle of seeking to be cured.

I am not very careful with my health habits. These things, I still take for granted because I still don’t feel the consequences. I know it is bad but we always try to eat healthy foods here by eating fruits, cooking vegetables and most of our meat comes from fish. Exercise is not a favorite either. Sometimes I do this but the commitment to continue and making it a part of my daily routine is always waning come 2nd week. I know I should be more better than this.

Anyway, I guess I understand now the Bible readings above. The man was born blind and it wasn’t his or his parent’s fault. He was told to wash away his sickness. The lesson is clear. Yeah, we shouldn’t wait to be sick before we changed our bad habits. There are a lot of good guidelines around that can be followed simply to have a healthy, better life.

I remember back in elementary, our Pathfinder instructors emphasized about a NEWSTART program and would let us memorize the meaning of these acronyms. I recall the Pathfinder Law and nostalgia of the activities we did in the Pathfinder club. It brings a smile into my face to recite these:

The Pathfinder Law is for me to:

  • Keep the Morning Watch,
  • Do my honest part,
  • Care for my body,
  • Keep a level eye,
  • Be courteous and obedient,
  • Walk softly in the sanctuary,
  • Keep a song in my heart,
  • Go in God’s errands.

It’s a very simple guide for young children. Sometimes we absently recite these before but now I understand how important it is for us. We were also taught of the NEWSTART and what it means. I got this picture from the NEWSTART PROGRAM by Weimar Center of Health and Education but you get the general idea.

Now the question here would be, Will I be able to follow this? I have to I guess. There is no way but to observe healthy practices. As what this lesson advise, we should not just stand by and once we get sick, we would turn the world over looking for a cure when it can be prevented in the first place.


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