Book: From the Two Rivers, Part One of Eye of the World

This is one of my personal book collection. I bought this book last April 2005. It only cost about 20 pesos and I didn’t realized at that time that this is not the complete edition. Yeah I should have known from the title already. But I recently got interested in reading it this week and I’m disappointed that what I bought was an incomplete copy.

“From The Two Rivers” talked about the adventures of young adults Rand, Egwene, Perrin, Mat when they left their village after there was an attack by monsters called Trollocs. They only have Mistress Moiraine and Warder Lan as their guide and protector and a Gleeman, who wants to journey with them to Tar Valon. They were joined later by Nynaeve, the Wisdom of their village in Baerlon. They have encountered lots of enemies along the way including the Whitecloaks. The Trolloc army lead by a Half-men pursued them endlessly until they got separated. The book ended with Perrin and Egwene meeting the Wolfman.

Now that was one big letdown. I was so excited to learn more about what happened to them but I guess I’ll now have to buy the complete edition of Eye of the World I saw in National Bookstore.


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