SSL4 Tuesday: The Uses Of Water

I haphazardly wrote this last night so it came off as short in substance.

I wasn’t able to buy the quarterly lessons and when I asked the conference here, they told me it’s sold out already. After the scare I had last monday, I promised to bring myself back to God after wandering aimlessly for a whole year. But where to start? I haven’t been to church for a long time and I’m not going to just wait for the weekend. So I search for the quarterly lessons on the net and found them here. I decided to also blog about those questions found in the lesson. I just wanna get those thoughts out there. I wanna look back to what I have posted here and reflect if I actually understood what I was reading.

So the lesson for tonight is entitled The Uses of Water.

We all know about the uses of water. We can enumerate a lot from hydration, cleanliness, refreshment, and other healthful benefits.

Read Lev. 11:40, 13:6, 34, 53, 54; 15: 1-13. What point comes through here?

In those text, it also talks about cleansing rituals that the Israelites will have to do when cleansing someone with leprosy, or susceptible to it or even when the priest went inside the tabernacle. They ought to wash their hands and feet.

Now we all know how hand washing can prevent spread of disease and its really practical advice given that there were no scientist back in the day to tell them that there millions of germs in the hands alone.

On a related note, I have also found a good website, Mother Nature Network, that helps you to calculate your hydration needs. It tells me that I need 91 oz, which translate to 9 cups of water or other beverages every day. I’m not really an avid water drinker so I guess I should change this too.


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