I went to the bank today

It did not start well. First, there was the blackout. I wasn’t able to charge my phone but I already jot down my to-do list and brought the documents I need to send so off I went out of the door. The problem with no internet was I was not able to search for the location of East-West bank. But I said to myself I think I saw where the bank was located before so I can do this.

When I arrived at the plaza, the bank that I was looking for was not there. Naturally I asked around and boy it’s difficult to follow lots of answers. I ended up going as far as Libertad because one manong said I have to ride this Bata jeep bcoz it’ll pass by the bank. But no EastWest bank so far. So I drop myself off at UNO-R. While I was walking towards another jeepney stop, I thought of all of their answers and just made a guess on where I should go next.

You see, on the original location of EastWest bank now stood the Unionbank. I asked the guard where the former bank could be and looking back at it now, his answer was actually the only thing that’s correct. Yeah, I never should have asked another opinion coz it just confused me. Anyway, he said that the bank is located near Central Bank. It’s somewhere in Lacson but regular jeepneys do not pass there but you can drop by near Plaza. I did not understand what he said at first probably because the Plaza that he said I thought was the Bacolod Public Plaza. So I went near the plaza (that’s a long walk btw at about 230pm heat) and ask around. Nobody seems to know where the bank is but they do know where Central Bank is located. I just have to walk down Luruziaga street till its end. And there I saw SK Plaza Divisoria and East West was just across Central Bank.

It was 3pm and I was glad that the bank closed at 4 becoz it meant I was able to make it. I was a bit annoyed, of course, because I spent about an hour walking around the Plaza, Araneta, Gonzaga streets and even went as far as Libertad but the bank was just close to the first person who gave me the right answer. But I’m still happy bcoz I was able to accomplish what I intended to do today.

I rewarded myself a nice cup of Monster Coke Float. I brought it to an internet cafe station, sent some application letter to a hospital, went to LBC to send some documents. And my love, I went home early ok? at about 6pm.

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