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Goals in Mind

I kinda lost my mojo on goal-setting after I’ve accomplished what I wanted back then. After college graduation, I set my sights on a lot of things. First was to pass the local NLE, then focus on all the other series of exam for a US nursing license. I did all that. I set my goals, studied very hard, and was very positive and determined that I could do it. I’ve passed the exams I needed to take. The problem was I didn’t prepare anything beyond that which resulted into a person that just goes on with the flow now. I tried working in hospitals but I didn’t stay longer than my volunteer or training stint. I have the option to stay despite being on-call and for all the nurses out there you know what that means: less salary and benefits. But that is how a life of a nurse here in the philippines is and eventually after a year or so, you’ll gonna be a staff nurse. I probably didn’t like the set-up so I didn’t fancy working that long. Oh, I’m not going to discuss here the ills of being a nurse in this country. That’s for another topic and debate.

The most obvious reason that I didn’t have the resolve to stick around is that I didn’t have a goal in mind like I used to. Working in a Philippine hospital didn’t appeal good to me because I never fix or ready myself for that kind of work. So there are negative aspects and didn’t have the mindset to continue on. In life, there will always be setbacks. But if you have a goal in mind, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that you have a goal to reach.

I had an insightful conversation with a friend of mine about goals. I wanted to apply at a certain company but I was putting it off for quite some time because I was scared. I failed the first interview. I guess I never really lose well. But if I have dreams, I’m not just going to stop there. I need to plan. Plans need goals that are SMART. Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. My friend told me that “You’re a Gibo supporter right?”. I was taken aback with the pressure of a sorta accusation. I am a Gibo supporter and I should say “Sulong”. Not cower away but face the heat when it’s not going the way I wanted it. Welcome to the pressures of being a Gibo supporter. I actually had to be very careful because my friend easily pointed out my weakness. I am a Gibo supporter and I should follow what Gibo inspire us all to be.

I got this from Gibo’s airplane ad or at least some part of it and just translated it to English. Given oppurtunity I always share it but it seems I’m the one who’s not truly listening.

“If I want to fly, I need to have initiative, determination, workmanship. If I want to fly, I need to have resolve, direction, a goal in mind.”****

Dare to fail. But fail forwards, not backwards. Now I’m off to make my first planning and goal-setting session after 3 years.

*** Here is the full transcript of that ad: “ang pag lipad ng isang bansa ay hindi nakukuha sa panaginip at pangarap lang;
dapat may initiatibo, pagpupursige; dapat may paggawa at pag kakaisa. ang gustong lumipad kelangan may lakas – alam kung san pupunta – may sariling direksyon at di nagpapadala sa ihip ng hangin – dapat may galing at talino.
matagal na nating gustong lumipad – ready for take off na tayo. ito si gibo teodoro, dating sec of national defense, dating congressman; subok na piloto. forever filipino. handang lumipad kasama nyo – tara!”


Water as Therapy

2nd Quarter 2010 Lesson 4 Thursday

Read John 9:1-11, the story of Jesus healing the blind man from birth. What is different about this healing miracle in comparison to some of the others? See for instance Matt. 8:8-13; 9:2-7; Luke 8:46, 47. What possible meaning could be found in this difference, if any?

Well, the blind man in the book of John was asked to wash in the pool of Siloam and afterwards he was able to see. His neighbors and the people who knew that he was blind did not believe at first. But the man testified that he was the blind man. The other healing miracles, from the centurion to the woman afflicted with a blood disorder, were not told to wash in a pool or body of water. Their faith is strong that Jesus can heal them and he did so.

How conscientious are you with your health habits in general? That is, how could you be taking better care of yourself now? Why wait until your bad habits make you sick? How much better it would be to start following good health principles now and prevent disease instead of going through the hassle of seeking to be cured.

I am not very careful with my health habits. These things, I still take for granted because I still don’t feel the consequences. I know it is bad but we always try to eat healthy foods here by eating fruits, cooking vegetables and most of our meat comes from fish. Exercise is not a favorite either. Sometimes I do this but the commitment to continue and making it a part of my daily routine is always waning come 2nd week. I know I should be more better than this.

Anyway, I guess I understand now the Bible readings above. The man was born blind and it wasn’t his or his parent’s fault. He was told to wash away his sickness. The lesson is clear. Yeah, we shouldn’t wait to be sick before we changed our bad habits. There are a lot of good guidelines around that can be followed simply to have a healthy, better life.

I remember back in elementary, our Pathfinder instructors emphasized about a NEWSTART program and would let us memorize the meaning of these acronyms. I recall the Pathfinder Law and nostalgia of the activities we did in the Pathfinder club. It brings a smile into my face to recite these:

The Pathfinder Law is for me to:

  • Keep the Morning Watch,
  • Do my honest part,
  • Care for my body,
  • Keep a level eye,
  • Be courteous and obedient,
  • Walk softly in the sanctuary,
  • Keep a song in my heart,
  • Go in God’s errands.

It’s a very simple guide for young children. Sometimes we absently recite these before but now I understand how important it is for us. We were also taught of the NEWSTART and what it means. I got this picture from the NEWSTART PROGRAM by Weimar Center of Health and Education but you get the general idea.

Now the question here would be, Will I be able to follow this? I have to I guess. There is no way but to observe healthy practices. As what this lesson advise, we should not just stand by and once we get sick, we would turn the world over looking for a cure when it can be prevented in the first place.

Jejemon Overkill

When I first saw this picture, I asked, What is Jejemon? I can’t describe it exactly but it’s one way of writing. I have seen this text speak for quite some time, mostly in friendster and it irritates the hell out of me. Some people think that it’s cool but they are just deluding themselves. Everyone should strive to achieve good grammar, spelling. It may not be perfect sometimes but we should always strive to offer the best.

Before, I’m really annoyed that people text or post this way. Over the years, I’ve learned to just laugh it off but can still have that occasional eyebrow-raising instances. I so agree with Gibo Teodoro and laughed at loud when I realized what a jejemon is.

This is one example of a suicide note of a jejemon. I find it very funny indeed and frustrating at the same time coz it’s quite difficult reading the letter. No more jejemons please.
dONt yAH tHiNk? LOL

Book: From the Two Rivers, Part One of Eye of the World

This is one of my personal book collection. I bought this book last April 2005. It only cost about 20 pesos and I didn’t realized at that time that this is not the complete edition. Yeah I should have known from the title already. But I recently got interested in reading it this week and I’m disappointed that what I bought was an incomplete copy.

“From The Two Rivers” talked about the adventures of young adults Rand, Egwene, Perrin, Mat when they left their village after there was an attack by monsters called Trollocs. They only have Mistress Moiraine and Warder Lan as their guide and protector and a Gleeman, who wants to journey with them to Tar Valon. They were joined later by Nynaeve, the Wisdom of their village in Baerlon. They have encountered lots of enemies along the way including the Whitecloaks. The Trolloc army lead by a Half-men pursued them endlessly until they got separated. The book ended with Perrin and Egwene meeting the Wolfman.

Now that was one big letdown. I was so excited to learn more about what happened to them but I guess I’ll now have to buy the complete edition of Eye of the World I saw in National Bookstore.

Book: From The Two Rivers (Eye of the World)

I bought this book about 5 years ago in April. I just graduated college and I was reviewing for the board exam. It is a habit of mine that whenever I go to the mall, I’ll visit bookstores and look for good deals. Even though I don’t have any idea about this book, I bought it anyway because it only cost 20 pesos. Very good deal. But I didn’t read it immediately and I just started reading it last week.

The book started slow. I guess this is the reason I didn’t instantly finish the book. After it ended, I noticed that the story was cut off abruptly and lacks a proper ending. Then it hit me that the book I bought was actually Part One of the Eye of the World novel. Yes, I saw the cover but I didn’t give it much thought since Eye of the World was the first novel of the series. All I considered was just to finish the book because I’ve had it for so long and I got to make it significant. Not just buying and discarding it thereafter.

I was wondering the other day while I was at National Bookstore that the Eye of the World paperback edition was thick and the one I bought wasn’t. That amount of pages couldn’t possibly fit the book that I have. It was probably written for young adults by dividing it to parts so that they can be read easily.

I was the edge of my seat when they were chased by Trollocs, Myrddral and were almost overrun by them. Now that really caught my attention. “From the Two Rivers” chronicled their journey out of their country. It reminded me of the Lord of the Rings series, which I really, really love. Adventures, friendship, courage, magic, trust and whole lot more.

The book gave me a peak of the world of the Wheel of Time series. I was a bit disappointed when it ended with Perrin and Egwene meeting the Wolfman. Yeah yeah. I only got the part one. But it definitely gave the series my attention. Now I have to look for the complete edition of the Eye of the World so I can continue reading about the adventures of Rand al’Thor, Egwene, Perrin, Mat, Warder Lan, Mistress Moiraine, the Gleeman and Nynaeve, the Wisdom of Two Rivers.

Maricar Reyes for 2010 FHM’s Sexiest

The Maricar Reyes Pinoyexchange group has decided that we will try to promote a spot for her in the 2010 FHM Sexiest. One supporter made this fan art. I so love it. I can’t and I’m a bit shy of posting this in every thread in PEX. Ever since I’ve started becoming a PEXER 4 years ago, I was never involved in actively campaigning or viral ads in threads. To me, it’s like i’m invading their home/thread. So in support of Maricar Reyes, I’ll just post this in blogs that I own. So vote for her here: FHM Philippines.

Maricar Reyes for FHM’s Sexiest 2010

Our Maricar Reyes group in Pinoyexchange decided that we will actually promote her to win a spot in this years’ FHM’s sexiest. So one poster made this fan art. I love it. Subtle sexiness is the win. So you can vote for her here: FHM Philippines

The Power of Water

2nd Quarter 2010 Lesson 4 Wednesday

“But they that wait upon the Lord and renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”. Isaiah 40:31

Meditate upon this text. What promises can you take from it for yourself? How can you apply it to yourself?

I understand that anything can be possible with God. He can give us new life and power. It’s like adrenaline. It pumps you up and you can continue all the good things you’ve done in spreading God’s message in tireless devotion. I don’t know if I can apply it to myself in that context. Most of what I did back in MountainView College was joining church visitations every Saturday where we lead songs, give story telling portions on Sabbath school and help in organizing songs and stories for the children. I know how Jesus Christ empowers us. I’ve seen them or heard about it from people who were intensely devoted in spreading the word of God.

The lessons also states an example about a study of two groups of athletes. One group consumed water as much as they lost in their sweat while the other group were deprived of it. After the experiment, the latter group felt that they could continue for more hours while the former were exhausted after 3 hours.

Undeniably, water gives us power and energy. It has a lot of benefits to our body considering water makes up more than half of our body weight. Nevertheless, we should drink what is recommended. Such in all things, it can be bad in excessive amounts which may lead to water intoxication.

How much water are you drinking each day? Make a conscious choice to keep track of how much water you are drinking, and if you’re not getting enough, what’s holding you back from doing something so simple, and yet holds so many benefits for you?

I am not an avid water drinker. I don’t keep track of how much water I have taken in a day. There are days that I comply and some where I forgot that I have drank so little. When I find my urine color to be unsatisfactorily, that is when I save face. But really as what this lesson has taught me, I should know my water intake and appropriately follow the guidelines. It is simple and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

I found this website, Mother Nature Network, that has this Hydration Calculator to calculate our hydration needs based on gender, age and weight. Well, it said that I need to drink 91 oz or 9 cups of water/beverages daily. Let’s drink to that.

SSL4 Tuesday: The Uses Of Water

I haphazardly wrote this last night so it came off as short in substance.

I wasn’t able to buy the quarterly lessons and when I asked the conference here, they told me it’s sold out already. After the scare I had last monday, I promised to bring myself back to God after wandering aimlessly for a whole year. But where to start? I haven’t been to church for a long time and I’m not going to just wait for the weekend. So I search for the quarterly lessons on the net and found them here. I decided to also blog about those questions found in the lesson. I just wanna get those thoughts out there. I wanna look back to what I have posted here and reflect if I actually understood what I was reading.

So the lesson for tonight is entitled The Uses of Water.

We all know about the uses of water. We can enumerate a lot from hydration, cleanliness, refreshment, and other healthful benefits.

Read Lev. 11:40, 13:6, 34, 53, 54; 15: 1-13. What point comes through here?

In those text, it also talks about cleansing rituals that the Israelites will have to do when cleansing someone with leprosy, or susceptible to it or even when the priest went inside the tabernacle. They ought to wash their hands and feet.

Now we all know how hand washing can prevent spread of disease and its really practical advice given that there were no scientist back in the day to tell them that there millions of germs in the hands alone.

On a related note, I have also found a good website, Mother Nature Network, that helps you to calculate your hydration needs. It tells me that I need 91 oz, which translate to 9 cups of water or other beverages every day. I’m not really an avid water drinker so I guess I should change this too.

Quite a scare

After I have printed some documents, I went to SM Bacolod to check out the movies and eat at Mcdonalds. The movies featured still wasn’t change so I just went off to Booksale and National Bookstore to check on some books. Then I went to McDonalds.

I seated after I ordered Cheeseburger, large fries, regular coke and a Monster Coke float as take out. I ate the fries and drank the coke, when I hiccuped and suddenly it went bad. I don’t know what exactly happened but I felt like I can’t breathe. I tried to and all I got was a weird, wheezing sound and I felt that no air was going into my lungs. I thought, Oh no, This can’t be happening.

I panicked. I went over to their washing area. I started coughing. You see, coughing is our bodies’ defensive reflex to prevent choking. I tried to breathe again, but still it hasn’t improved. I walked out of McDonalds and went out to the hallway to prevent further claustrophobic reactions. I continued coughing on the way out, walking a few steps, until on my next breath I felt that it was back to normal. No more wheezing sound and I felt that air was going in.

“Lord, please help me” was all I could think about. I was scared because knowing the Philippines, I don’t think malls are equipped with emergency devices if I really choked. And who would do a Heimlich maneuver if it really got worse? Total horror. I was glad that I was still given some chance.

I realized that I am vulnerable. My life could get snuff out of me anytime, anywhere. I am humbled and I shouldn’t take my life for granted as I have been doing. I should live the best life I wanted to live. Not to just pass along without doing anything significant. From now on, I’ll try my best to do the things I wanna do, pursue them to the best of my ability. No more mañana habits. I’ve learned you will never know if you are still given the opportunity.

I thank the Lord God Jesus Christ for protecting me today. Despite of being a black sheep for almost a year now, my prayer was answered. I am safe.