Keep Shining Through

July 14,2008

Ate Jen, Ladine and me attended Carlo’s Capping, Badge Investiture and Candle Lighting Ceremony in Manila Sanitarium Hospital & College. It lasted for almost 3 hours since there were 250+plus candidates. They did the usual program like Nightingale’s Pledge, Loyalty Pledge, Class Song, Class Dedication and Presentation of the Students.

Their class is S’envoler 2010. I don’t know how to pronounced that though. I didn’t get it the first time I heard it. But anyway, I did the filming for my brother and I love their class song entittled “Keep Shining Through”. While I’m editing the video, I especially separated that part of the song.

Here it is:


Days had gone by
Childish fears were left behind
As we embrace another milestone
For a brighter tomorrow
Let God be our guide
Let Him be in our minds
And together we’ll defeat
The storms that will bar our ways

Flaming power
Sense, persistence
Courage, trust can make us soar
Above the starry skies
Earnest prayer and honest care
Lead us not into despair

Many people think that they have everything
But they don’t really have it all
Some people dream of triumph and success
But what really matters most
Is if we only strive for it
Our effort and our strength

Fly high and soar
From here to the wildest shore
We will stand proud before the walls
We won’t falter, we’ll never fall.

Music by:
Novie S. Cacho
Chrysolite M. Prieto

Lyrics by:
Ava Bella G. Deso-asido
Larrevin M. Mendez


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